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The festival would be impossible without your support trough the raffle and the generous donations of our sponsors.

This year we will have an amazing raffle with an impressive price table:

  • 1 instrument donated by Acero Harmonics
  • 1 instrument donated by Art Melodious
  • 1 instrument donated Ugur Handpan
  • 1 Yearly swap instrument donated by Handpan Academy to someone who has no handpan!
  • 1 full access tickets to ALL classes of  Master the Handpan donated by David Charrier
  • 10 tickets for a masterclass of your choice, Master the Handpan donated by David Charrier
  • 2 Namana Handpan cases offered by Namana.
  • 2 Hardcase technologies bags Evetek and Airtek offered by Alessio from HCT
  • Lots of performer CD's Vinyl offered by the performers
  • ... And if you have something to offer.. want to sponsor... Send me a mail...

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