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Pantribe PRICING

To see all detailed pricing and options you click the registration button on the top right fill out your details and pick the best formula and options.

We have made the selection as modular as possible to accommodate for all budgets and individual wishes. It may seem complicated, but its actually very simple: 


Step 1: Pick your formula

You will find 3 formulas to choose from:

  • Summercamp & festival (base pack) > If you are planning to join us for the 6 day program this is your best choice.
  • Festival > If you are planning to join us only for the festival this is your best option.
  • Pick and choose single tickets > Here you can choose to join just for 1 workshop or 1 day of the festival. 


Step 2: Pick your options

For each of the formula's you can add your personal options:

  • catering
  • workshops
  • lodging
  • special options
  • shop


Just play around and build your best package. If you have accompanying partners or friends who do not participate in the workshops, they simply get a Summercamp and festival base pack, without workshops, and they can enjoy all the concerts and the festival.

Here are a few examples to give you an idea:


  • FORMULA Summercamp & Festival Base pack: 220 € (early bird)
    • + full workshop package: 250 €
    • + full catering pack Summercamp: 190 €
    • + tent lodging: 20 €
      • TOTAL: 690 €


  • FORMULA Festival only: 90 € (early bird)
    • + tent lodging: 20€
      • TOTAL: 110 €


  • FORMULA Pick and choose
    • + Day ticket festival Sunday: 75 €
    • + Tent: 20 euro
      • TOTAL: 95 €


If you have any questions, please mail them to

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