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Pantribe Summercamp and Gathering brings you top-of-the-line teachers and performers for an immersive 5-day program in the beautiful setting of Koningsteen in Belgium. 

Learn from top teachers David Charrier, Adam Maalouf, Dan Mulqueen, Amy Naylor and Andrea Szabadi in the best conditions. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player, the content is adapted to 4 different skill levels in small groups. Every evening there will be intimate unplugged concerts with the teachers. 

On Friday and Saturday, it's time for the serious stuff... And what an amazing line-up we have for you this year! Manu Delago will bring his environ-me show, David Charrier and Dan Mulqueen have prepped some amazing work for you, we have Kabeçao back on stage, Adam Maalouf will amaze you with Middle Eastern rhythms, Loris Lombardo will bring his amazing percussion skills, enchanting Andrea Szabadi, Mar Loi, Amy Naylor and Marlia will make you dream away.

Edoardo Ponticelli and Nicola Stenico will bring you their new project OPAL, and we finally have Thierry Bleton performing in Belgium, followed by his countryman/ woman Laurent Sureau and Nadia with OWA...

Further, we have amazing Belgian players: Benny Bettane, Romain Geuzaine, Gerard Spencer, Robin Scott, Olive... and more talent bringing their latest projects on stage. 


Start: 9 August 2023
End: 13 August 2023

Koningsteen vzw, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium

1880 Kapelle-op-den-Bos Flanders


Meet all your teachers, performers and the team. 

Manu Delago

Performer (AT)
  • Manu Delago

    As a two-year-old Manu Delago began what would become a very musically inclined life as he sat behind his first drum kit and started playing for various bands as a young teenager. His rock band HotchPotch won the Austrian Band Contest and toured across Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain. When Manu Delago began playing the Hang (handpan) in 2003 he discovered his passion for writing music. He graduated from the university Mozarteum in Innsbruck in classical percussion, jazz drums at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and composition at Trinity College of Music.


    Manu Delago's solo piece “Mono Desire” was the most popular Hang video on the internet with over five million views and charted in the Top 30 music videos on Youtube. In 2007 he founded his own band Manu Delago Handmade and the duo Living Room and released his first albums. His LPs feature various guest artists such as Erik Truffaz, Andreya Triana or Douglas Dare and won over tastemakers from BBC 6Music’s Tom Ravenscroft and Don Letts to Radio 2’s Alex Lester, Nitin Sawhney and Jamie Cullum, and was supported by i-D, Clash and DJ Mag.


    Manu Delago has also collaborated with various genre-leading artists. He appeared as a guest on two albums of the Psy-Trance producers Shpongle and performed on various occasions. In 2011 he recorded for Björk's Biophilia album and has since been her touring drummer, playing four world tours with the Icelandic singer. In 2013, he started performing and writing music with the sitar-player Anoushka Shankar. For his work on her album 'Land of Gold' Manu Delago earned a Grammy nomination. The versatile percussionist has also been a touring member of The Cinematic Orchestra and Olafur Arnalds.


    As percussionist and drummer Manu Delago has performed in prestigious venues on six continents such as the Royal Albert Hall, Roundhouse, Royal Festival Hall and Barbican in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, the Sydney Opera House and Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Furthermore, Manu Delago has performed and recorded as soloist with the London Symphony Orchestra, Metropole Orkest, Aurora Orchestra, Munich Chamber Orchestra and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra.


    On the album Metromonk (2017, Tru Thoughts Records), Manu Delago focussed on electronic sound manipulation of the Handpan. The video of the single 'Freeze' was filmed in the Alps and premiered by Red Bull Music. That outdoor adventure triggered the idea to a bigger and more audacious project – Parasol Peak a multi-award winning album and film in which Manu Delago leads an ensemble of seven musicians on a mountaineering expedition in the Alps (2018, One Little Independent Records).


    In 2019, Circadian was recorded and toured with an ensemble of nine musicians. The music is based around sleep cycles and the theme which further inspired the 7.5 hours long rework album Nightliner on which he collaborated with artists like Hugar, Kelly Moran and Brandt Brauer Frick. After years of touring, Manu felt it was important to do his bit towards sustainability by launching the carbon neutral Recycling Tour, performing venues across Germany and Austria, accessed only by bicycles.


    In 2021, Manu Delago is set to release his unique new album, Environ Me. Constructed using his signature percussive skills as well as electronic manipulation and sounds recorded directly from an array of natural sources, the LP is a dynamic and exploration which harnesses the best of his adventurous spirit and singular vision as a human being and as an artist.

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David Charrier

Teacher & Performer (FRA)
  • David Charrier

    David Charrier is a French multi-instrumentalist composer and performer. He has a strong musical background and began his musical journey 20 years ago. He is self-taught and has learned numerous different percussion instruments, including the udu, bongo, cajon, derbuka, and djembe. 

    In 2004, he fell in love with a brand new instrument : the Hang, which was almost unknown at the time. David has spent hundred of hours playing, busking, composing, and exploring the magic of this “sound sculpture.” As a handpan pioneer, he was the first French Hang player to broadcast his unique style and compositions on the Web. His videos have inspired a multitude of players around the world to pick up the handpan.

    In 2007, his friend and cousin, Sylvain Paslier, got a Hang and together they created WADHOM, a band that married digeridoo, HangHang, and violin. About the same time, David and Sylvain collaborted as KEONA, a hang duet. Known thereafter as the “Hang Cousins,” they became internationally known. One of their videos, Insomniac Jam, has over 5 millions views on YouTube.

    After Keona, David continued to perform, record, and collaborate, in order to develop his own mastery of handpan. As the handpan community continue to grow, David discovered a calling to share his journey and experience with others. While teaching workshops in Europe and abroad, David decided to expand his reach to even more people.

    In 2016, he created an online school with a unique learning method known to be fun and efficient. Embraced by the handpan community, his classes have enabled over a thousands of students to enhance their skills and elevate their musical expression.    

    Whether it’s working solo, in a duet, or with a full band, David continues to play, learn, and perform with his Handpans at a European and international scale to showcase the amazing and captivating instrument responsible for the turning point in his musical journey. 

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Performer (PT)
  • Kabeção

    Known for his inspiring handpan music, Kabeção is a Portuguese
    multi-instrumentist, composer and sound healer.

    By exploring music and sound with his unique, poetic, and percussive style, he pushed forward the art form and extended the musical universe of handpans/pantams.

    He was a boy when, with percussions and rhythm, Kabeção fell in love for sound exploring. Self-taught, he never stopped since then to experiment different types of instruments - from strings to woodwinds - combining eclectic influences and his very personal approach to sound into powerful music.  

    Since 2008 he collaborated in different musical projects:

    Tribolados (Reggae/Ska),
    Hikari (Drum n’Bass/Jungle/Bossa Nova),
    T3ka ( Acoustic Trance)
    Gapura (Klezmer/World Jazz)
    Khayalan (Ethnic/Contemporary/World Music).

    Finalist on Portugal "Got Talent" in 2015, Kabeção then travelled with his handpans/pantams for few years across more than 20 countries ; in Europe, Japan, India, Israel, Russia, China, USA, Canada, Thailand ...

    The benevolent international community gathered around his music crowd-funded his first long-awaited double album "TOUCHING SOULS", exceeding his goals and released in September 2017.

    During the following tour, Kabeção composed new pieces inspired by the human and musical experiences he shared around the globe.

    He launched another successful crowdfunding campaign in 2019, for his second opus - "FREEDOM EXPRESSIONS"- a triple album with guests, released on October 31th, 2020.

    Meanwhile, nourished by his intimate relationship with the pantams, Kabeção designs - in collaboration with YISHAMA - original and unique layouts that inspired an entire generation in the handpan history.

    In 2020, he opens the Pantam School in Portugal where he works with a group of instruments specially designed and created with YISHAMA as an ensemble. The classes already began...

    Released music:

    2012 EP “High Gain Natural Awakening”
    2014 Compilation LP "Cosmic Seed"
    2017 Double LP "Touching Souls"
    2018 Live Album "The Bell Cave"
    2020 LP "Freedom Expressions"

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Adam Maalouf

Teacher & Performer (USA)
  • Adam Maalouf

    Adam Maalouf is a Lebanese-American multi-instrumentalist and composer. His cross-genre style of music forms a common thread between the cultures of the East and West. Maalouf’s playing style on the pantam represents the cross-pollination of diverse influences, including western classical, Jazz, Arabic, and Indian classical music and electronica.


    Adam holds a BA in Percussion Performance from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY and MBA in Music Business from Berklee School of Music. After school, curiosity drew Adam to India and the Middle East to study under renowned hand-percussion masters Anindo Chatterjee (tabla), Rohan Krishnamurthy (carnatic percussion), River Guerguerian (frame drums), Glen Velez (frame drums).


    As a teacher, Adam classes integrate rhythmic concepts from Arabic and Indian musical styles, as well as explorations on both harmony and melody. Adam has led handpan and world percussion workshops at the Asheville Percussion Festival, Hang Out (USA), Griasdi Festival (Austria) and regularly holds handpan workshops in major cities around the USA. Recently, Adam released a course on detailing his approach to playing the unique instrument. 


    Adam is an endorser of Ayasa Instruments, Mudra Handpan, Meraki Instruments, Yishama Pantam.

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Andrea Szabadi

Teacher & Performer (RO)
  • Andrea Szabadi

    Andrea is a hungarian musician and yoga teacher, lives in Budapest. She started music through her inner and outer journeys with learning guitar and singing. Also soon she was involved with the soundhealing with such „tools” as tibetian singing balls, gongs and many other similar instruments. She holds and participate in many mantra chanting events. She sees music as a healing for humanity where there is complete honesty, openness and all ranges of emotions. She thinks that music is a celebration, a prayer and everyone can take part in this at least with singing as the most healing power is our own voice.

    She plays her own compositions on handpan and sing along. These are mostly hungarian songs, rooted in hungarian folk. She just released her 3rd album (1st solo) called „Új Élet” (New Life) which is inspired by motherhood.

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Amy Naylor

Teacher & Performer (UK)
  • Amy Naylor

    Amy is a handpan player, songwriter, percussionist and music practicioner from the UK.

    The power of music and its ability to build connection between strangers, communities, nature, and the self is what drives Amy to travel and share her unique approach to creating sound. Knowing just how transformative and empowering the simple act of playing music together can be, Amy crafts her performances and workshops to create a space where this connection can blossom. She has a diverse repertoire of modern mantras, poignant but often playful songs, and uplifting melodies that are constantly evolving as she shifts from place to place.

    She first learned to sing and drum as a child around festival campfires and as she grew to find her own voice, she quickly fell in love with the handpan, discovering it to be the perfect instrument for her vision. She has since become a familiar face in the global handpan community, offering workshops, tutorials and private tuition. She is a certified music educator through Trinity College London, with a background in therapeutic music and training in Taiko drumming.


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Dan Mulqueen

Teacher & Performer (USA)
  • Dan Mulqueen

    Dan Mulqueen is an American multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey. Dan's music is centered around an instrument called the "Handpan", an instrument created in 2001 in Switzerland. This instrument allows the player to create a rhythm and a melody simultaneously using only the hands.


    Determined to push the limits of music revolving around this instrument, Dan's playing style is both beautifully melodic and intensely percussive. His stylistic approach invites the listener to experience elements of multiple genres of music all housed in one easily digestible format. While keeping the handpan as the centerpiece of his compositions, Dan's recordings also feature instruments such as upright bass, piano, electronic beats, guest vocals and more.

    Dan has over 18 years of percussion experience in genres like hip-hop, rock, reggae, trip-hop, electronic, blues and latin. When asked about how these genres inspire his writing process, Dan responded "'s important to me to take my favorite elements of multiple genres and blend them into something different. You'd be really surprised how open people are to music when they can identify with even a tiny element of it." 


    In addition to multiple solo tours across Australia, Europe and the USA, Mulqueen has also shared the stage with Shpongle for two sold out concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and collaborated with artists such as Long Arm, Zebbler Encanti Experience and many more. 

    No matter what kind of music you're into, Dan has something in his music catalog for you. His music spans across multiple genres and grabs the attention of both casual music listeners and die-hard music lovers. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of Dan Mulqueen and the handpan!

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Loris Lombardo

Performer (IT)
  • Loris Lombardo

    Multipercussionist , handpan player, composer, founder of
    the handpan company Lombardo Handpan and the author
    of the 1st manual in the world dedicated to the study of the

    Loris Lombardo was born in Savona, Italy, in 1985.
    A multi-percussionist, drummer, composer as well as
    the founder of the first Handpan Academy in Italy and
    author of the first handpan manual in the world,
    “Handpan. The Complete Manual”. Searcher of sounds and
    musical timbres, Loris Lombardo’s music is the result of
    the constant evolution of his experience as a musician,
    which began with the study of drums and then of classical
    percussion at the G.F Ghedini Conservatory of Music -
    where he graduated with full honours and soon moved
    onto the study of traditional multi-cultural music, leading
    him to gain the knowledge of unconventional concepts
    and sounds and allowing him to eventually create his own
    original and groundbreaking style.

    Graduated with full honours in classical percussion from
    the G.F Ghedini of Cuneo Conservatoire, in drums from the
    NAM School under Tullio De Piscopo, from Soncino
    Percussion Academy and also the Ultimate Drum
    Experience in London. Successively, he dedicated himself
    to the study of percussion from every part of the world,
    including India, Turkey and the Middle East. Winner of two
    international drum and percussion competitions: World
    Drum Contest 2011 and Percfest 2012.
    He has performed his “HANDPAN & PERCUSSION
    CONCERT” in a number of theatres around Europe, Asia &
    UK, and has recorded twenty CD’s.


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Mar Loi

Performer (IT)
  • Mar Loi

    "Mar Loi is an intuitive and expressive musician, composer & handpan player born in Tenerife, Spain.


    She explores sound & different music styles since 2017 when she decided to change her profession. Since then she has created her solo project - actually recording a 2nd album after Mercury found Mars 2020 - and cocreated JOI, a duo with Jozz Sajim.

    Living in Barcelona she is into the Barcelona Handpan Community, being part of Singading Gathering organization and Kurdeolian School as Handpan teacher."


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Thierry Bleton

Performer (FR)
  • Thierry Bleton

    A self-taught musician, I practiced many instruments before discovering Handpan 10 years ago. Inaccessible at the time, it is only since 4 years that this dream has finally become reality. From the first notes, the sound of this instrument has profoundly changed the way I feel about music.  

    To be able to share an emotion, to travel and to forget everyday life for a moment through the universal language of music, is what motivates me every day. 

    The Handpan is above all for me a magical instrument. Thanks to him, I have found a way to express myself fully and share with you unique and emotional moments.

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Marlia Coeur

  • Marlia Coeur

    Marlia Coeur is an international recording artist, Music Academy coordinator, vocal activator, composer, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist with a professional music career spanning more than 23 years. With a growing presence she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. She is best known for her RISING VOICE vocal activation workshops + Bali/Greece retreats, as well as her high-energy live improvisational sacred Experiences, where she generates a full-band sound using only her voice, a variety of instruments, and her loop pedal setup. Visit for new online vocal courses and don't forget to check out " Marlia project " on Soundcloud + Spotify + Facebook + Youtube + Instagram

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Performers (FR)
Nadia Simon & Laurent Sureau
  • Owa

    Owa, Pop/Trip-hop duo, is the result of the
    meeting between the percussionist Laurent
    eclectic percussionist and the singer Nadia
    Simon with her soaring and atmospheric vocal
    Together, they create a Pop-Trip hop music
    with new
    and "unclassifiable" sonorities witch makes
    you travel out of
    From the start, in 2019, the two close artists
    performed the opening of Brigitte Fontaine
    then tour in France and Belgium.
    The realization of the first parts of “Les
    Barbares” and Mathieu Boogaerts confirms
    the eclecticism of their music.
    The 1st album "Promises" released in
    November 2020
    (distributed by Inouïe Distribution) and the
    making the "Birds" music’s video clip drive
    Owa to produce
    live recorded on stage (Camji, L'Olympia) and
    participate in the TV show “Culture Box”
    opening of “Pomme”.
    The Ep "Wake up" released in March 2022
    at Inouïe Distribution) brings the duo to
    collaborate with Ushuaïa TV for the series
    documentary "Un autre voyage" by Christine
    Oberdorff and to shoot several music videos
    "Night Mood").

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Performer (IT)
Edoardo Ponticelli & Nicola Stenico

Benny Bettane

Performer (AUS) (BE)
Benny Bettane

Romain Geuzaine

Performer (BE)
Romain Geuzaine

Robin Scott Fleming

Performer (BE)
Robin Scott Fleming
  • Robin Scott Fleming

    Self-taught author, composer and producer, Robin Scott Fleming is a multiinstrumentalist artist. As a child, he already tested the different sounds of his daily life - the spoon on the cup, the tree branches transformed into sticks on stones... As a teenager, after a stint in Rock and Pop music, he discovered the Didgeridoo and its sound vibrations. From then on, he explores world music, conscious and curious of the powers of healing sounds. He is solicited by the advertising world and starts composing music for television commercials, documentary and films. Through this experience, he discovers the programming of electronic soundtracks. Always on the lookout for new sounds, he encounters the magical melodic percussion “Handpan” and creates compositions with soothing and relaxing virtues. Robin has been singing since his childhood and considers his voice to be a multifaceted instrument. He perfected his skills in overtone throat singing, originally from Mongolia. Today, Robin has extensif experience in the filed of energetic healing techniques and was able to creates a parallel between his musical universe and the energy that emanates from it. He’s main purpose is to offer organic music compositions with beneficial intentions - To explore and share the purity and sacred roots of sound!

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Gerard Spencer

Performer (BE)
Gerard Spencer


Performer (BE)

Christophe Tonneau

Workshop Sound healing (BE)
Quinte&Sens (BE)
  • Christophe Tonneau

    Outre mon Amour pour la musique, j’aime aller à la rencontre des personnes, partager…

    J’ai toujours aimé transmettre, soutenir, prendre soin.

    En 2017, après une réflexion personnelle sur « qui je suis réellement et quel est mon but dans la vie », je prends conscience de cette envie de partager et d’aider grâce à la musique. Je possède certaines bases qui me permettent de proposer rapidement des cours de musique ainsi que de la relaxation en Voyage Sonore.

    En octobre 2017, je m’inscris au Centre Benenzon Belgique et entame la formation en vue du titre de « Technicien en thérapie non-verbale benenzonienne ». C’est une révélation! Le modèle Benenzon est un des cinq modèles de musicothérapie reconnu à travers le monde et son approche non-verbale permettant d’exprimer, consciemment et/ou inconsciemment, ses émotions me passionne. Je suis actuellement toujours en cours de formation et ne cesse d’apprendre de nouvelles choses.

    Début 2018, je décide de lancer officiellement Quinte&Sens. Dans un premier temps, il s’agit d’une activité complémentaire mais mon souhait est de pouvoir en vivre à part entière.

    Actuellement, je suis responsable des pôles musique-danse et artistiques aux Chemins d’Ariane – IMS de Ciney.

    Je suis également musicothérapeute au SAJA de Schaltin.

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Alexandre Chaigne

Sound Engineer (FR)
Alexandre Chaigne

Danny Stevens

Your host & presenter (BE)
Danny Stevens

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