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Can I join when I have never played before?

Yes! definitely, it is the best place to start, with amazing teachers from around the world.. You can rent an instrument, and you can test plenty of different handpans on site.

Can I join without taking the courses?

Yes, you can book the base package and enjoy the atmosphere, hang out in the beautiful location and enjoy all concerts. It’s a great way to discover the atmosphere and meet new people.

If you want to give it a try, you can pitch in for a  1 day workshop.

Who will be my teachers?

On the first day, we will make a player assessment and split you into 3 groups based on your level. All groups will be working in a rotation scheme with  So you will be with every teacher.

Will there be identical instruments for the workshops?

There will be identical instruments for the beginner group. Both the intermediate and advanced group will be playing with personal instruments, if you have a D- please bring it as your base instrument.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes it is, but not in the rooms, and please respect the other participants and children.

Are children allowed?

Sure, we love kids.. and up to 12 years… they are free of charge… If you want to book catering for the kids, please let us know in the comments at checkout, we will add kids catering to your package.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed on site but not in the rooms.

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